Rekrutment Guru Tahun Ajaran 2024-2025

Rekrutment Guru Tahun Ajaran 2024-2025

Teachers Recruitment Year Academy 2024-2025

1. Muslim and fluent in BTAQ (Baca Tulis Al-Quran)
2. Educational Background
   >Kindergarten Teacher: 
    minimum S1 PGTK/PGPAUD
   >Elementary Teacher:  
    minimum S1 PGSD/PGMI, Islamic Studies, Science, English 
   >Junior High Teacher:
    minimum S1 English, Bahasa Indonesia
    Psychologist (have SIPP and experience in school) 
    minimum S1 PLB/PKh/Psychology (have experience with special needs students)
   >Shadow Teacher for special needs students
    minimum S1 Any Fields
3. Able to speak English fluently 
4. Computer literate
5. Good communication and interpersonal skills
6. Able to work in team

Please send your application no later than January 21, 2024
scan QR-Code from the flyer or access this link

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